Being A Patient...

Is embarrassing.
Think about it.
When you are a patient, privacy is not a right. It is a privilege.
Not only do you have to change into a gown  that is open in the back, but you're asked a lot of questions.
Sometimes they're not terribly revealing or embarrassing, but it's just the fact that every little thing about you is being written down on a piece of paper as if it isn't a big deal. As if you were just writing down 'the televison is on' a doctor writes down 'the patient has dealt with chronic pain for years' casually. It's as if you are nothing.
I also don't know about anyone else, but I'm very embarrassed admitting I'm in pain. It makes me feel weak and as if people see it as a very bad thing, like I SHOULD be ashamed!
This might actually be a part one, because I have way more to say about this subject.


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