My Favourite Embarrassing Year

A few years ago I had my favourite 'embarrassing' years at school. I say my favourite because while when it was happening I felt like I could've died on the spot, now I chuckle when I think of them.
For example as I was hurrying down the corridor to my next class, I didn't notice how close I was to the lockers. My bag got caught on the lock and I didn't know, so as I briskly walked I got pulled back into the boy behind me, who was not pleased one bit.
Another time my bag strap got caught on the door handle as I walked in a crowded corridor. Instead of stopping like a normal person to simply fix it, I kept pulling to get through as I felt the crowd clossing in around me. An older boy from behind me calmly said, 'wait, I can unhook it' and he got my bag free from the door handle. When I looked at him and saw that he was a very good looking boy, practically a man, I nearly died knowing that I looked like an idiot in front of him.
My favourite moment however, was doing a group project with a few other girls. Mostly the other's just chatted so I had to do most of the work and I expected that they hadn't changed what I had done when I was absent. The day I got to present it, I stood pouring my heart into a well prepared presentation I had worked to hard on. It was going well and I was getting to my conclusion slide which I had worked so hard on, I found it changed to a picture of a very heavy, shirtless man eating a sandwich.


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