"The Fault in Our Stars" Arthritis Review

I recently read a book called The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (Who is one of my favourite Youtube stars). Anyway, not to spoil the story, the main character has cancer. She is very straightforward with the idea of dying and suffering, also making jokes of it.
What made me love the book so much is how much I related to her. She told us readers so many truths of chronic illness. Things that I've been through, even if it wasn't cancer. Quite a few times I found myself crying at parts people would not cry at because I knew what the character felt. I knew the emotions, the fears, the pains.
One of the things the character said was that in the ER they always ask on a scale of one to ten, how bad is your pain? And that when she couldn't breathe and was in terrible pain, she held up nine fingers (she couldn't talk because of how badly she could not breathe). Later the nurse came in and said she was a strong person because she gave pain that was way more than ten a nine. The character then said that she was saving her ten, because she knew there was worse pain out there.
I relate to this so well.
I've never said ten because I knew somewhere, there was someone in way worse pain than me. I said that I'd allow myself to say 'ten' when I felt that worse pain ever.
I reccomend this book one hundred per cent.


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