Being A Patient....

Makes you think differently about some words.

"I'm going to hospital."
The hospital.
That hospital.
This hospital.
Over to hospital.

I use one of these expression nearly every day. And no matter what name you give it, no matter how you refer to it, one thing is for certain: 'Hospital' is a severe word. It makes people expect the worse. I think a lot of people just harbour a lot of terrible thoughts about hospitals. Sometimes you can get people use to this term without acting as if it were a big deal; I've gotten probably 75 per cent of my friends now joke with me about it, as well as understand that my visiting the hospital is nothing to get nervous about and feel is a terrible, dreadful thing. Maybe it is a terrible, dreadful thing? I'm just very used to it. I don't feel especially nervous going to the hospital, unless maybe if I forget a jumper (sweater) in case it's very cold inside or if I'm missing a test in school while I'm gone.

In all honesty I look at hospital visits in a positive light since I have very good relationships with my doctors and most of the nurses, technicians and so on. I don't get the feeling of being a 'lab rat' being tested on (the majority of the time, ha ha), or being 'Female Patient #2759823578435943594375949.' I actually adore my hospital and have drawn many pictures of it whilst there. I don't get the feeling of dreadful, terrible things there. I get hope. I know several other patients who have said the same thing as well.

I guess the point of this post is to say I'm alright with being a patient, that it's okay that I go to the hospital a lot, that I like to joke about it and I'd be delighted if you did too, and that I honestly do not dread nor get terribly nervous over visits and I don't want anyone to get upset about it. Sorry it's not too specific and jumps around a lot: My thoughts came rapidly.


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