Cheating in Art Class

I apologise for being away for so long, I've had a very long and busy week between school, school work, a family gathering and also seeing a film I've wanted to see for quite a while with one of my best friends.
At the moment, I have many Enbrel side effects including headaches and fatigue. In fact I fell asleep after school, of which I never do unless I'm extremely ill.
Tonight I have worked on my own clothing design for a shirt. This is completely and utterly unnecessary work. The reason I am doing it is because a girl in my class took credit for an idea I came up with and drawings I did last year. She didn't mention it was my idea, she took all the credit and continued to saying that she was the only person who cared. I am not letting her win this. I am bringing all my former drafts to class as well as my NEW ideas, which in my mind are brillant. I'm not letting her get away with this. If we're not allowed to cheat on tests, why should we be allowed to cheat in art? We're not. It's called plagarism. In school we get detention and no credit for our assignments, in the real world you get sued for everything. I figure I ought to stick up for my rights. Finally.


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