Enbrel in the Week

I'm going to start Enbrel this week. Though I said before I was quite positive about taking Enbrel, as the actual happening of it comes closer and closer I've been getting nervous. I don't think I'm as nervous about the side effects as I am if it hurts. I admit it to the world: I am a teenager who has had arthritis for their whole life, and yet I'm afriad of a little needle -that might make everything better- being a bit painful. Kind of pathetic, in my opinion.

But in a way I'm excited. I want to try and learn to inject Enbrel myself (Try to learn, no promises), and I think not only is that a great idea but I think it's cool. I mean, call me crazy, but in my opinon I think it's impressive when someone can inject themselves [with perscribed medicines/treatments].


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