My First Enbrel Injection

Yesterday I started Enbrel. I have to say, it wasn't as bad as I thought.
The needle was very short and skinny, and there wasn't much Enbrel to inject.
The nurse allowed me to try and inject myself with her supervision. I got the skin ready and I was so close to injecting myself when I chickened out. The nurse said it really looked like I would have though.
She injected it for me, which has given me a lot of confidence for next time as now I know what discomfort to expect. The needle itself did not hurt, and the nurse injected it very slowly so rather than a burning feeling a lot of people report, I got a very warm sensation that was somewhat uncomfortable but only last a few minutes. Honestly, nothing to get worked up over.
Hopefully Enbrel will help, as the last few nights have been very painful for me, and currently morning pain and stiffness is at it's worse. It will take a while to help, but I'm truly hoping that Enbrel will help.


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