The whole goal of trying medicines and treatments is remission. The 'R' word. The big 'R.' Remission for arthritis is defined as no findings of arthritis what so ever- pain, inflammation, stiffness, and absolutely no evidence of the disease being active (including things commonly found in arthritis patients, like related eye problems). The inactivity of the disease must continue for 6 months continuosly  while on medication OR 12 months while off of medication. So yes, while some patients can be in remission and never have to worry about taking medicine, others will have to continue to take medicine. Perhaps forever.

I hope I'll go into remission. People around me seem to be more hopeful about remission than I am. In reality, I would love to go into remission and it might happen one day but I don't want to get too excited incase it just doesn't happen. Some tell me they have a 'good feeling' I will go into remission, that I should just trust them. Like I said, I don't doubt it, I just don't want to get too over excited it won't happen. A lot of my friends went into remission for a little while but got flare ups. Some people go years and one day it happens. Anything can happen.


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