Children's Ward

Recently I came across an old television series that finished when I was little. It's called 'The Children's Ward' and (obviously)  takes place in the children's ward of a hospital. The drama followed the lives of doctors and nurses, as well as the young patients- especially the teenagers. The series was aimed at older children and teens. Recently, I began watching it. I've watched the first three seasons and I'm quite enjoying it. Though I do have some observations.

Many of the diseases in the series are very real, and cover everything from aplastic anemia to alcoholism. However, children are perpetually in hospital, obviously for the sake of steady characters. I thought that was pretty funny. As the episodes went on, the series began to become personal. One character was in hospital for a long time, and I expected her to be very ill but it turns out she was hospitalised for psoriais. How about that? I've never heard of anyone spending weeks in hospital for psoriasis! Another girl on the season after was saying she's been in hospital for three weeks because of her juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. That is much more believable, and it was great to see the disease taken seriously.

It might be quite dated, but I've rather enjoyed watching it. I really liked how arthritis and psoriasis were shown as serious rather than 'just a little problem.' But also, I loved the lively environment. Though the actors were not portrayed as terribly ill, and were usually very active, it's not that far off from an actual children's ward: Where there are children, there is a will to play. Take it from the child who annoyed all the nurses with her toy piano.


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