"I'm Glad You Have Arthritis."

Around this time last year, I was very close with someone. We've since have gone our separate ways. But whilst I was with this person, I heard some interesting things. There is one conversation in particular that I will probably never forget. It wasn't exactly 'kind,' for me at least. These are several quotes from that conversation that still stand bright in my memory.

"I'm kind of glad you have arthritis..."

Excuse me?!

"... Because it feels like I'm helping someone."

Am I a charity or something? Is that the only reason they were friends with me, because it was like community service?

"I just want to go out and help people, which is why I feel so good about helping you: I'm making a difference."

Are you? I didn't notice. Especially the time I really needed assistance in carrying a heavy object, but did it alone (with lots of struggle). Or when I couldn't unlock the restraint on a roller coaster and the attendant had to help me (to the nice attendant- thank you for telling everyone to stop laughing at me when you unlocked the belt).

Honestly, I don't understand people at times. I don't know if this person was trying to make me feel like he was there for me, or if he was trying to make himself feel like a better person. Sometimes people say the dumbest things in an attempt to make us try and feel like they understand. This really doesn't feel like one of those times. Maybe I took it the wrong way or something. I don't know. All I know is that I felt bad when he said it back then, and I laugh about it now.


  1. I agree completely. I was complete taken back by it, especially coming from the mouth of someone who I thought I was close with.


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