'Thank You's' for Everyone

Everyday, people everywhere make a difference in the lives of people with chronic illnesses. Even people you only encounter once for a short time can make a huge difference. What's wonderful is when people who don't have to care, do care. Today,  I'd like to call them out and thank them.

Dear Mrs. W,

Thank you for really taking everything I was going through into consideration when you assigned class seats. I really appreciated sitting next to the heater, in the back where no one would bother me and where I could stretch out.

Dear R,

Even though we're just school friends, thanks for really caring when you found out I'm chronically ill.  I was so touched at how concerned you got the first time, and all the times you become concerned now.

Dear Rollercoaster Attendant,

Thanks for releasing the restraint for me when I couldn't do it like everyone else. I know it's a tedious job, so thanks for not appearing annoyed at all. And a huge thanks for when you told all the people laughing at me to shut up. That meant a lot.

Dear Attractive Guy at the Train Station,

Thanks for smiling at me, and almost introducing yourself. Even though I had a bad limp that day. And tape and gauze over my blood draw poke. And was noticeably worn out. You made me feel pretty and confident at I time I felt broken. I wish our separate trains were just a little late, because then we would've had the chance to meet.

Dear Ms. K,

Thanks for relating your carpal tunnel pain to my psoriatic arthritis pain. I really appreciated the student trip you had nominated me for- I really wish I was eligible to go.


  1. What a sweet post. It's always nice when someone takes the time to be thoughtful about our illnesses. Because it doesn't happen all that often (for me, anyway), I really appreciate it when someone cares :)

    1. Thanks! It's the exact reason I wanted to post my thanks to them! :)


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