Exploitation of Health

Today I saw a picture of a baby who was born anencephalic. That's when the child's skull does not completely develop whilst in the womb. The child is born with a great deal of their head 'gone.' They do not survive longer than a few hours after birth. This particular child passed peacefully hours after his birth, and I know this because I've read an interview his family gave. I saw many of the pictures they took of him. Unfortunately, when I saw his picture it was not for a good reason. Instead, someone had said that he was in a car crash and his family could not pay for his surgery. A well meaning friend of mine had shared the picture, as the caption said if it was shared money would be donated to the cause. It pained me to see his image exploited, as well as well meaning people being tricked into sharing it.

This disgusted me.

I absolutely hate when people exploit one another. But to exploit the poor infant's health? That's very low. I'm not sure why people do that sort of thing- for attention or something- but I'm sure they wouldn't think it so entertaining had the baby been theirs. Health problems and children are probably the most exploited things out there. Funny thing is, most times the people who exploit these things aren't actually the ones who have it. If you turned the tables around, wouldn't it be so different?

Honestly. People make me sick.

By the way, I'd like to inform people that on Facebook, Liking or Sharing a picture or post will not donate money to anyone, no matter what it says. Let's put out the fire.


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