Arthritis Acne

As a teenager, there is one topic that is extremely unavoidable: Acne. It was bound to come up sooner or later. I thought it might as well be now.

I may be in my late teens, but I still have acne. I know it's fairly common to have it into your twenties or even older, but still. And it's no fault of my own that I can't get rid of it all: I've done my research and gave evey wash or medicine a fair chance of at least three months. I don't eat excessively greasy or sugary foods and when I do, I don't go overboard. And I'm one of the cleanest people you will ever meet. So why do I still have acne?

Arthur. Yes, once again Arthur is responsible for yet another unpleasant thing. Whilst I'm unsure how rheumatoid arthritis affects acne, it has been said that psoriatic arthritis can cause acne break outs. It makes a lot of sense because I've gone without an acne wash for a month to see how my skin is, and there's little change. Well, that's a lie. Due to some recent problems, I haven't had Enbrel in two weeks and this week I'm breaking out. My skin was great on Enbrel because that's what suppressed my immune system and thus Arthur. I've also been very clear during times Arthur was under control but broke out horribly when he acted up. I've also talked to others with the same problem and it seems to be the same routine.

So what can a person do? Honestly, I don't really know. We're still not completely sure about the connection of acne and arthritis. I'd say that taking your prescribed DMARD or biologic should help, since they surpress the disease that causes it. If your not, trying differen washes would be a good bet: I recommend ones without benozide peroxide because they're easier on the skin, but it may work for you. Psoriatic arthritis acne may not just stay on the face, it may cover the body. This is harder to treat, but there are a few things you could try to help. Make sure you change your pyjama shirt every night and change your sheets and pillow case very often. It may also help to use unscented soaps in the shower and use warm water rather than hot water.

It's a little known about thing, but trust me when I say that if you have arthritis and have acne that flares as the arthritis des, you're not alone. Not at all.


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