Walking From Depression

Lately I've been trying to cover the topic of depression. This week I posted Medication Depression, and much earlier I talked about My Arthritis Depression discussing the hard time around my diagnosis and early treatment. Today, I decided to talk about what helped me get through it. These things may help you. If you are depressed, please reach out for help: We can only help if you want it. These tips will not get you through it completely; they're merely small tricks to make it easier at times.

Everyday, Have Look Forward to Something.

Having something to look forward to helps keep you positive. Long term goals are excellent- Promotions, awards, holidays, birthdays and such are great. Short term goals and little things work wonderfully as well. I'm looking forward to the release of the last book in my favourite series in a few weeks, I'm looking forward to seeing some friends tomorrow, I'm looking forward to wearing my favourite winter clothes, and all sorts of small things. One time I couldn't sleep because I was looking forward and felt excited to be having breakfast with a friend that morning! Having something to be happy about and hold onto to helps you keep a positive attitude.

Surround Yourself with Pleasantness.

Recently I spent a week with my niece. With that comes programmes for children. I was surprised at how relaxed they made me: I forgot children's programmes lack severe drama and always have a happy ending. Whilst I don't recommend you watch children's television, I do recommend surrounding yourself with happy things. Television and film comedies, happy books, upbeat music and jokes help you keep upbeat. It may be hard to avoid grumpy school mates or coworkers, but listening to a comedy show on the radio after may help.

Understand You're Not Alone.

You're not alone in depression. Many of us with autoimmune disease will become depressed at some point, and all of us have low points. It's okay: you're not weak and it's not in your head. You did nothing to cause this. Please reach out to someone who can help, I promise you it can make the difference. It's nothing to be ashamed of: I've done it. Many of us have. You can do it.


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