One of My Heroes

Recently I was asked who one of my heroes is. That got me thinking about the true meaning of a hero. I'd like to share my thoughts on heroes, as well as one of mine.

For lots of people, a hero is a firefighter carrying a small child out of a burning building. Others choose to recognise politicians, athletes and scientists as heros. For me, it's not always the actions that define a hero: It's their admirable qualities, that often lead to these brave and moving actions. As a teenager, it can be difficult to find people- heros- to look up to and who are relatable. Which is why Hank Green is a hero to me. Hank is a famous YouTube Star, most notably known for collaborating with his brother John for the Vlogbrothers. Hank also has his own line of channels and series celebrating his love of science and Jane Austen novels.

My hero is a self proclaimed nerd. I admire that he is simply says what he means and doesn't care what others will say about him. His confidence is a gift in the world where many don't quite believe 'knowledge is power.' If he didn't have the confidence and bravery to put out his ideas, many great creations (such as the Lizzie Bennet Diaries series) would never have been shared with the world.

I also find Hank a hero because he goes out to educate others, especially the youth. He takes it upon himself to tell people the straight facts and inform them of global situations, however leaves it up to the viewer to form their own opinion. I admire that he wants the world to be aware of situations that most, especially young people, would not be aware of otherwise.

In addition to all of that, Hank deals with the chronic illness Chrons disease. I am amazed that he lives with the pain and problems of such a serious disease, and yet goes out and does so much to educate the world and make others feel less alone in their interests. I admire that he is so open with his disease, because I know how hard it is. I can relate to many things he has said about being sick, which has made me feel less alone too.

There are billions of people on this planet. Some are considered heroes, and even held up high as one. However, I see everyday people do wonderful things everyday. Even though no one else would, I consider them heros. That's why Hank Green is one of my many heroes.


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