I've always had arthritis. Okay, since I was about two years old I have had it. The odd thing about not having a proper diagnosis until a few years ago is still puzzling. Especially because of what my mum went through for years trying to get someone to take her child's medical condition seriously. You see, there were quite a few things that weren't exactly 'right' in my medical life for a number of years. Being diagnosed with tendinitis is one of them.

I've had the privilege of being able to have access to some great hospitals. One in particular was called the 'best paediatric hospital ever' or some rubbish like that. I'd been there with disappointing results in the past, but we hoped I would be different this time. I was about ten years old, with no diagnosis and a flare that required hospitalisation for a week just two years prior. All signs pointed to juvenile arthritis.

Tendinitis. The world class doctor walked in, sat down, scanned my chart quickly and announced "she has tendinitis." He said ibuprofen would do the trick, wrote a note saying I could limit what I do in gym class and sent me away. World class treatment, eh? I know that in psoriatic arthritis, tendons may swell but I don't give him credit for noticing. Mostly since he didn't touch me and didn't have any X-rays or scans to reference.

Diagnosis is a difficult thing. It can take years to be heard (it took me about ten years). Don't give up in finding answers! You can't make something better until you know what's wrong. And don't let them dismiss you as normal; Normal isn't painful. You can't fix normal.


  1. I was also diagnosed with tendonitis multiple times before being diagnosed only a month ago

    1. I think it's because tendons often swell from autoimmune problems

  2. I was diagnosed with tendonitis in my left middle finger. lol. Besides that, the only other diagnosis I have is mild scoliosis. It's extremely frustrating because I've had severe pain for over two years, and no, doctor, an ibuprofen isn't going to fix it. Ah, well. I keep going to doctors and I keep allowing myself to be tested, and some day... not sure when... but someday a doctor will say, "Wow, there's something seriously wrong with you and I'm going to figure out what it is so you can get treatment." :)

    1. Hopefully you will have a diagnosis and a doctor who refuses to let you suffer. I know how frustrating it is, but it seems as if you're on the right track! I'm wishing you luck in your search! :)


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