Rheumatologist Dating

Your hearts racing, palms sweating. They'll be here any minute, and you're very nervous: After all, They could be the one. It's the first time you two will meet, and you hope sparks fly. This could be the perfect match, or the worst.

It's remarkable how choosing a rheumatologist is like dating. No two are alike, you get to know each other after time, you'll always remember your first, there might be lots of break ups, and somewhere out there is "the one."

Seeing a new rheumatologist is almost always overwhelming, especially if it's the first time you're seeing them. Unlike your GP (primary doctor), you will (probably) see them more often than once a year and ocasionally when you're sick and need help. You will get to know your doctor, just give it some time and don't be discouraged. What matters at the very start is that they get on the right track of diagnosis or treatment if you already have a diagnosis. The first visit will probably seem quick or confusing and you probably won't understand the doctors mannerisms yet. If they don't take your seriously from the start, don't bother and find another. However, if they seem to be on the right track, it will be worth it to stick with them. Beginning treatment with them may be your best bet as well. The first visit tends to be brief whilst the second seems to be very thorough, of course it could even be the third if there are even more issues to try and find the bottom of.

I broke up with my first rhuematologist. I stayed with him for about a year and a half. He didn't diagnosis me compleftely, I forget if He said I had JRA or just JIA. I think that was because most of his patients had JRA. The main cause is that we didn't Always see eye to eye with treatments- he didn't mind that I was very ill on some medicines so long as I was taking them. It was just best to move on. I had been lucky and met another rhuematologist on a day my rheumatologist wasn't in. This was the one I moved to and we've been together for almost four years. It's been a wonderful fit, especially since my currency rhuematologist is more experienced with more kinds of arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

Don't give up. There is a doctor out there who will help you greatly and never leave you. It's just the matter of meeting.


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