Don't Order Lemon

 Autoimmune diseases. They're pretty self explanatory: the immune system attacks the body and causes problems. It's pretty obvious that the best way to help ourselves is to try and care for the immune system. A lot of time this can mean taking immunosuppressant medicines. But even when one isn't taking those, it's still important to prevent getting sick since that can make you flare.

Lots of people will suggest things you can do to not become sick. My rheumatologist's absolute favourite is getting the flu jab (no, I've still yet to get it). Others will recommend bathing in hand sanitiser, avoiding contact with people completely and living in your house until spring. However, I have one tip that will absolutely guarantee that you won't get sick:

Don't order lemon.

When you're out to eat and you ask for a glass of water,  make sure to ask for no lemon. Lemon wedges are notorious for being one of the bacteria filled things you can find in a restaurant. This is usually since they are kept in an unrefrigerated container all day and touched by many different people repeatedly. And no, the citrus does not keep bacteria at bay. If you have a suppressed immune system or cannot risk being sick whatsoever (or both), don't bother with the lemon. Ask for another glass of water or request a dish not come with lemon. Trust me.

The other night I went to a restaurant and had asked for a glass of water. It had a lemon in it, which I didn't realise it would come with. I knew it was likely to be dirty but I was too shy to ask for a new glass of water without lemon. So I drank it anyway, reassuring myself it wouldn't get me sick. The next morning I woke up sick. Right now I'm laid up with a fever, cough and pounding head.

Do as I say, not as I do. Learn from my mistakes, my children.


  1. Aw, Elizabeth! I've never thought about how many people might have touched that lemon wedge in my water before. Eww. THANKS for bringing it up. And in the meantime--so sorry you're sick. I hope you get over it quickly and with no lingering problems.

    I'm like your doc. Get your flu shot! ;)

    Take good care of yourself. Sending a warm hug and lots of comfort your way.

    1. Your welcome: I really think it's gross and people should know that it's not a good idea to ask for a lemon wedge!

      I wish they offered flu shots in schools and work places; I would've had it by now!


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