Teen Discrimination

Children: Some people love them, others don't. Teenagers: Mostly everyone hates them. Maybe that's an overstatement, but that's how I usually feel. I know, I know: We're annoying. We're these disproportioned, pimply creatures that expect to be treated as adults, act like children and have unpredictable moods. I can't really blame you for rolling your eyes every time you see a rowdy group of teenagers walk by. But, I was wondering if we could stop the 'all teenagers are annoying and rude' stereotype? Please?

I don't know if this is a world wide phenomenon or if it's just me, but some adults treat me very... Well, not with the respect I treat them with. For example, I was waiting to pay for something at a store. There were two women in front of me. The cashier greeted the Both of them very kindly. Then it was my turn: the cashier wouldn't look at me and didn't even speak to tell me my total, even though I greeted her. One time I was out right ignored by a cashier and not served. Another time I got kicked out of a candle store when I was looking for a specific candle for my mother's birthday. A clerk followed me around the store and finally just asked me to leave. Unless I'm in a shop or other place that is specifically for young people or is run by one, one of the above scenarios tend to be the case. It's odd how sometimes I'm just buying milk or something for dinner and people look at me like I'm causing a problem and drawing attention. And no, I don't look the type to cause problems, though looks aren't a justified reason to judge.

I know a lot of teenagers notice this and they just accept it. But I don't. I refuse to accept any of this on the grounds that I am tired of prejudice in all forms.


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