Driving Me Painful

Driving is probably the most common form of transportation. Most people learn when they're a teenager, and learning is a rite of passage for many young people. And though it's considered to be a very easy, common thing to do, a few don't agree one hundred per cent.

Think about the physical act of driving. Your legs are stretched out in front of you and you have to keep control of the pressure you have on them to control the pedals. Your arms are stretched out in front of you to steer. And let's not forget turning your head to look around. And if you're backing up, let's not forget the painful twisting and turning there! It can be really intense and take a lot out of you!

Driving for some is really painful. Some will say you're very lazy if you don't want to drive, or if you never were able to learn. I beg to differ. It's very hard to force yourself to do something that causes pain. It can also make you feel very unsafe: we know pain can be extremely distracting and it can distract you from concentrating on the road. Also, you can feel very restricted by stiffness and it may be hard to look around. People don't understand the struggles some of us have with this 'simple task.'

My tips for driving?

  • Make your seat as comfortable as you possibly can. This may mean having a small pillow for your back or even one for your neck. 
  • Take breaks as often as you need them. There is no reason your safety and health should not come first.
  • Large steering wheel covers can help you hold the wheel comfortably. 
  •  Insider driving with someone who doesn't mind switching off if you need a break.
  • Don't force yourself to drive if you are really not comfortable or very tired. Nothing is worth putting you under a lot of stress and sucking away your energy.
Driving isn't a favourite past time of mine. Usually I take advantage of public transportation and anyone's offers to drive.  It doesn't mean I can't if I have to. It's that I don't like how unsafe it feels when I can't concentrate on the road ahead because all I can think about how awful my joints feel. Some call it laziness. I call it smart.


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