The American Recall Center

Recently I was contacted by The American Recall Center and was asked if I would like to promote their new website. I said I'd love to. The America Recall Center provides Americans with information about things such  as joint replacements and medicines that have been recalled and are unsafe. Even if you don't live in America or have ever had treatments there, you might be interested by their health blog. I hope by sharing this website, I may benefit you:  I would never share anything with you that I didn't believe in. 

Joint implants and prescription drugs allow millions of Americans to live their lives to the fullest. The field of medical research has rapidly expanded over the past decade, and new drugs and medical devices are released to the public every day. Unfortunately the psychiatrists, surgeons, and medical specialists that prescribe these treatments frequently have overbooked schedules. This often means they may not have the time to answer all the questions a patient may have regarding their medical treatment.
At The American Recall Center, we believe in the old saying that knowledge is power. Our goal is to offer patients the information they need to make the best decisions concerning their health. By providing this information in a highly accessible format, patients can quickly learn everything they need. We can help you decide if a certain prescription or surgery may be appropriate for your medical needs, provide you with the information you need as you undergo treatment, and answer any questions you may have afterwards.
Your safety is also our concern and we can provide you with current information regarding product recalls. Last year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled over forty-five drugs that had caused serious illness, irreversible organ damage, or death to prescribed patients. Forty medical device recalls were also issued during this time. 
One high-profile case occurred last November when a hip replacement recall was conducted on a product that afflicted thousands of patients with intense lower extremity pain. This recall allowed many of these patients to quickly undergo surgery to remove the faulty product before it could cause further damage and replace it with a safer alternative. Staying up to date on prescription and medical device safety alerts could make you aware of potential risks associated with your treatment plan and necessary changes that should be made.

The American Recall Center can keep you up to date on this information through our Patient Safety Alerts program, which will notify you when an FDA recall has been issued on a prescription drug or medical device you use. Simply select the drug or medical device categories of interest and you will receive an email when the FDA issues a relevant public safety concern. This way, you can be assured that you have the latest information concerning the treatment plans of you and your loved ones.


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