To Four Years, and Many More

It's so rare to find a great, cute pair of shoes when you have chronic pain. So let's celebrate the great, cute ones we do have.

Dear Shoes,

When I first bought you, I never knew we would become so close. Something about you caught my eye: Was it the black suede that called to me? I fell in love and knew you would be coming home with me. And now, four years into the future, we're still together. Through think and then, we stayed together. We made it.

I remember the first weeks when we we're getting to know each other. We fought a little: You would pinch and I would insist on wearing you anyway. There were times were life consisted only of swollen feet and ankles. But we got though that. The struggle was well worth it: The support you have given me has been priceless. You protect my weakest spots like ankles and have given me tremendous comfort.

Shoes, you have been there through everything. You are perfectly casual, but always clean up well and are perfectly dressy as well. You've been there for interviews and charity events, for parties and dinners. Do you remember my first date? You supported me the whole time. I don't know how I could've done it without you. You've been there for post-dancing recovery and for new orthotic arches. You have helped me stand tall through the years and brought me so far.

Four years? It's flown! Most shoes don't last this long, but not you: You still support me and stand strong. We still have lots of future events: Here's to another four years.



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