'Get Over It.'

Having arthritis, people can't physically see you're in pain. Thus, you get looks of 'get over it' or something every time you rub your fingers to soothe the pain after you sharpen your pencil in school. Or limp while carrying a heavy, heavy backpack across a huge building trying to get to class in less that three minutes. Honestly, I get why they do that: I truely understand. What I don't understand is why they do the same thing when something is visiblly painful or life changing. When I was thirteen my uncle was dieing of a very long and weary battle with cancer. It was rather traumatic for all the adults in my family, never mind a child (or I should say children, as I have many cousins). One day in a conversation totally unrelated conversation my very good friend told me that 'just because my uncle is dieing does not mean I am the only person who has lost a family member.' The conversation was about how bad I felt for a family who had just lost their three year old son. Let's just say after that day I didn't care much for the girl. I just hope she has learned since then.
I'm not going to continue to ramble on, but I think this is a very good lesson in consideration. Don't you?


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