Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome 2012! It's afternoon where I live.
Who has any new year's resolutions? I do: I want to start writing down my thoughts. I used to keep a journal when I was 14 and I still sometimes update but now I don't even want to put a date with it. Just things I think of sometimes.
Also, I want to try to be a better person. A bit more reserved. More friendly with everyone. Maybe I'll learn to be even more helpful to others, especially when I am asked for help with essays and such.
I hope this year I learn more social graveful. I want to become smoother with words. I get nervous around people and sometimes I get lost for words, stutter or sometimes even become speechless. Maybe this will all come with age. Maybe it's something you grow into. And maybe I'll just have to learn it all on my own.


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