I Don't Want to Be Liz: My Name is Elizabeth, Not Liz.

I think the title tells you what is on my mind. I don't like being called Liz at all. It started when I was 10 and just hasn't stopped. 'Liz' is a name I associate with fiesty, sassy. That sort of thing. I am not a Liz, I am an Elizabeth: It's girly, soft and just me. It's what I like best.
My friends call me Liz, but sometimes they switch off and call me Elizabeth. We call Elizabeth the magic word becasue I get happy when they call me that. My mum calls me Elizabeth. My family calls me Liz. They didn't before I was ten and heard my friends call me Liz. Now they only know that as my name. I hate it. What am I supposed to say?

Elizabeth Facts:

*There is a book all about a girl who doesn't like her nick name, only her real name Elizabeth.

*Elizabeth Taylor turns in her grave everytime she is called Liz Taylor: She only liked Elizabeth too.

*No one ever dared call the Queen of England 'Queen Lizzy' or something.

*Most girls I know with the name of Elizabeth either wished people would call them Elizabeth or used a unique spelling of Liz.

*'Lizzie Maquire' ruined  my life in school, though I did like the show.


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