What Goes Around Comes Around

Everyone in my school has been sick this winter, which isn't surprising. While running noses and sore throats are common, we have worse things around. So many kids have gotten pneumonia and the flu. I'm lucky I got off with only a cold or whatever it was, but I'm not out of the woods. With Methotrexate, my immune system isn't working much to help keep me healthy. Wish me luck.

Anyway, I had a wonderful day. I seemed to have gotten along with everyone swimmingly, other than this one boy who thinks I'm insane, or so I get the feeling. I love feeling everyone can get along. In fact, everyone seemed to be in a good mood! During a break time a group of boys started down the corridor whistling 'The Chicken Dance' and clapping along. Rest assured, today has been a comical day. The biggest joke being the amount of school work I have to get done.


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