Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, but Chairs and Canes Delight Me

The title is rather self explanitory: I'm in a rather humourous mood at the moment (but  really, when am I not is what my friends would be  saying). And it is also truthful. I do not like walking and when I walk (1) my back muscles tighten, (2) my knees pop, click and get very stiff, (3) my hips feel weak and unsupported, and (4) my ankles feel like they have nails inbedded inside. Shopping trips are fun only at first, which a teenage girl should never have to say, and many other things.

Sooo... just to ensure my pleasure, during holidays I often use a rented wheelchair to get around. It's much easier and I tend to have more energy for fun things to do as they day progresses. Also, this year I am getting a cane to help when I need to get up. A collapsable one so I can take on planes and such. I had asked around and most people say they help with the leg joints but not the back, but any joint with less pain is worth it for me!


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