"You Should Live at the Doctor's."

That's the biggest joke between my friends and I. They find it amazing how often I'm at the hospital: Once a month to see My rheumy, once a month to get blood drawn, and sometimes because I'm ill. Since I take the day off to see my rheumatologist as I have to travel by train to see him, I naturally have many funny or amusing stories for my friends to help pass the time in school. One of my very good friends understands the severity of Arthur and he has said the most memoriable things about it:

"One day I'm going to make a charity for whatever you have so it can get cured (Me: 'Awww') so I don't have to hear it anymore."

"Why don't you just live at the hospital?"

Granted, these sound very mean but they were said comically and I was dieing laughing. Honestly: He's one of my best friends and we are always teasing each other.

Speaking of which, I'm seeing my rheumy soon: Hopefully he'll say I'm getting closer to remission just like last time.


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