Today I had to watch a film for my class about DNA. It told us of a couple who gave their son a genetic disorder. But then 'SCIENCE' Told us all about the wonders of genetic scanning! Parents could simply be checked to see what they MIGHT pass onto their babies, so they can (and I quote many people in the film,both parents and scientists) "Prevent a catastrophe from happening." More or less, they meant they can prevent babies with disabilities or something from being born. I knew this happened but never in those words. They fit really hard. If people born with genetic disabilities are catastrophes, then I am a catastrophe along with millions of other catastrophes who shouldn've been prevented.
Just saying.


  1. i am so glad to see your blog, as I am a 52 year old old lady who was a girl with arthritis from the age of 8. I have done a lot of writing and thinking, and am seriously intrigued with the interpersonal bru haha that happens, like that I realized my social status in school after diagnosis was default set at retard and kids in wheelchair level. Always I had to prove myself.

    1. Thank you for the comment. :)
      I'm very glad to know people with Arthur can connect now.
      I hate to hear you had to prove yourself but in a way it does build a stronger person. At the moment, people have recently stopped talking to me as if I had a mental problem! I proved myself as well this whole year... granted being the 'nerdy artist' isn't all you'd hope but I sure am moving up. :)
      I too am interested in intrapersonal relationships: I like seeing how others see the world. It's rather intresting, especially in the least likely of friendships.


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