'He likes her but she like someone else but that girl also likes him even though she likes him.'
Teenagers are all different. The one thing they have in common however, is that they all like someone at least sometime. Let's be honest here: There are hundreds of teenagers in one building for a large portion of the day, five days a week, for several months straight. It would be hard to find absolutely NO ONE appealing. After all there are actually more boys in my school than girls.
When you're geeky, there are even fewer options however. So it's common when two girls or more like a boy at same time, boys get trapped in the friend zone, or when either gender is just too shy to show their love interest that they like them.
But Spring is going to be coming soon and we all know what that means: Spring Fever! Hormones shall rage more aggressivaly than should be possibly allowed. Soon enough everyone will either be all lovie dovie, heart broken or feeling alone.
I might've been able to tell you how teenagers think, but I'll tell you one thing now: I don't even get it. But I know I'm never alone because Arthur is always there for me.


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