It's a Beautiful Day

That is one of my favourite songs and today was a tiring but happy day.
I talked with this boy today. No I don't like him, but he's in most of my classes and I had never talked with him before. I thought that I freaked him out a few times looking at the clock, making him think I was looking at him. But rest assured, we had a good laugh and I hope we can become friends as I enjoy the amusement he and his friends give me in my classes.
Also I had to do gym today, like always. My school has two work out  centers we can use: One with treadmills, bikes and such cardio exercise and the other with weights. As all the treadmills and bikes were taken, I had to use a machine that puts a lot of strain on your back, knees and hips. I was not happy and Arthur made me pay for it afterward. I was so tired and sore that I was shaking so much my hand writing wasn't very good.
And... Well, I listened to good music. Not very interesting but it's the best I can do at times. I'm working on paintings as well that will become part of my project about arthritis.
By the way, want to hear Arthur's full name? Juvenile Psoriatic Arthritis. Try saying that five times fast. ;)


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