Me vs. Arthur

As a teenager I naturally have a need to go out with my friends. So, instead of visiting with my regular group of friends, I went to go to laser tag with a group of friends I typically only see when we are in school. We have gone together before but this time was different: This time I knew I could flare very badly after spending the night on my feet. I went anyway. You see, when you know you're different, you look for a sense of normal. And when you have a problem, you want to challenge it. Honestly, whether or not I flared up afterward it wouldn't have mattered because at the time, looking at my friends happy faces and knowing they wanted to be here with me and knowing I was alright in the moment was one hundred per cent worth the risk. Or maybe that's just my inner teenager trying to rebel after a whole life time of obeying every rule with extreme fear, even if it was just playing a game.

I've discovered something quite interesting today: I can draw men and children wonderfully but I just cannot do women well. This would explain why I can do The Beatles easily but have a hard time drawing my mother. Well, I suppose this just means I must practice more and more. In school we're asked to do pencil drawings or pen drawings. I'm alright at both but my favourite mediums are charcoal, oil paints, and water colours. Also we do many pictures on the computer: I am good at that but only on the programs we're not allowed to use. Obviously.


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