Any Way the Wind Goes

I never realised just how sensitive medicines make you. Recently we have recieved very good weather, and while the other kids in my class complained of how hot it was I was still very cold and I didn't warm up for a little. There was a nice breeze but that's what was so cold for me! It makes perfect sense however as when I was in Florida during their  summer season I longed for a pair of long trousers because though it was hot, it wasn't hot enough. Whether or not it really is the medicine, I see that when someone is sick one way or another the number one thing that bothers them is the temperature. But when someone is ill for a long time with arthritis or cancer or anything else you can think of, even the perfect temperature cannot keep them comfortable: once the wind blows, they shiver or shake. Let's not only use the weather as an example but most anything whether it be a nice walk upseted by a pain or a miracle drug that gives you headaches.

Keep Your Chin Up,
P.S. The reason I used the example of cancer is because when my uncle had cancer, every little breeze made him cold and he lived in long trousers and jumpers.


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