Stereotypes of Artists

Young artists have a very awkward stereotype: Tattoos and odd coloured hair with clothes that look something of a costume. True, many kids have this style but there are also many other artistic people. These people, you really only see if you're on the 'in the loop.' At least in school, you see:
  • Bold Style Artists: These are the kids with the tattoos, coloured hair, piercings and much more. There is no one personality though, and they range from acting 'too cool' for themselves to some of the nicest kids you will ever meet. Sometimes it's just a disguise to fit in with others, sometimes it is the way they express themselves. They are the quickest to get artistic praise because their style is so bold.
  • Lazy Artists: These are also known as 'starving artists.' They do their own thing instead of working on assignments and will not accept training outside of their comfort zone, which varies. Some do art as a hobby and pursue a different career and others have no plan for the future and focus on entertaining themselves by drawing.
  • Professional Artists: This is what I am, more so. We do all assignments, not necessarily to our best ability but enough to get a good grade. We study old and new art and often look at the business side of art. Most of us focus on being neat and presentable at all times to give a good impression to 'critics' we may come about.
To tell you the truth, in every artist all three are there. I'm rather lazy but I take work seriously. I'm also a self confessed 'geek': I have passions in one too many things and I know just a bit too much trivia. I also watch history shows for fun, my favourite being Horrible Histories. All and all, don't rely on stereotypes, even my inside look. I know kids who don't fall under any of these but are still gifted artists.


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