I'm Bad

Psoriatic arthritis is a beautiful thing: Not only does it affect my muscles, bones, nails, possibly skin but it also affects none other than eyes. Technically speaking I should be seeing an eye doctor every six months. But, I'm bad and don't go. Why, you may be asking, would I jeopardise my health with such laziness? Because I don't like my eye doctor. At all. She is not a very sympathising or empathetic physician at all. The office was not good at recording when I needed my eyes dilated, so I would end up arguing that I didn't need them to be since it is only necessary once a year. However the nurse would coax me into just letting her put the drops in my eyes just to make things easier on the doctor. While I did appreciate how nice and slow the nurse worked with me, the drops were still very uncomfortable for me. After a few simple tests, I would see the doctor. She would swagger right into the room, look at the chart and say "Oh, dilation was unnecessary." Really?! No kidding. Then she would use a light the size of the sun to look in my eye. This was very unpleasant but rather than trying to understand, she would painfully use one finger to hold open my eye and when I asked for a break she would tell me no. Typically I was holding myself back, but halfway through the exam I didn't have to because the doctor was practically sitting on my lap. Then she would use a terrible yellow dye to check for Glaucoma, and a blue light shaped like a pen that came way too close for comfort. Just to finish this  lovely experience, once I walked out of the exam room the receptionists liked picking on me because I had yellow stains from the dye and I wore disposable black glasses until I could get my own. Rest assured I had enough and never went back. My Rheumatologist checks my eyes now but still warns I should see an eye doctor soon. I will, once I can see a different person in a different office.

Please, please DO NOT let me turn you off of eye doctors or frighten you: I have had many eye doctors in the past who have been very, very nice! This doctor is just a rarity I suppose. An eye exam is not as intense as I described, I'm only writing this in hopes she'll realise it's her. After all, how many doctors really sit on your lap?


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