You Can Pick Your Friends, but You Can't Pick Your Family

Some think they can. Even I do. Sometimes when I'm with my cousins I pretend we're siblings. I do actually have siblings but all of whom are much older than me. So when I 'm around family my same age, I like getting the feeling of being a big, happy family. Though I am content being a litttle, happy family :) .
However there is one girl I wish was my sister. She is my best friend and we are two year apart in age (she being my elder). Also a great distance keeps us apart. We know each other very well and rarely see each other, often taking to Skype to talk everyday. We've laughed together and we've cried together. Never have I ever had a friend who knows me like she does.
She has her own Arthur as well, but her's is the rheumatoid type in several of her joints. She often flares and is sick, and has numerous other medical problems. She is my biggest inspiration as she keeps on living through this. Often I wish I could be with her, and I wish I could be there for her more than I really can. Right now she's dealing with a very painful situations. If you are reading this, please send some loving thoughts her way if you wouldn't mind. She would apperciate it. :)


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