I can tell you right now, life isn't fair. It isn't supposed to be. Sometimes things happen. Sometimes your friend likes the same boy as you. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you can't get the stain out of your clothes. Sometimes you pay for something you don't get later. And all three of the above examples apply to me.
You see, most girls have gone through this: You like a boy and you don't tell your friends, but then your friend tells you she likes him too. While you know the boy like YOU and not your friend, you just can't bear to hurt your friend and date him. It was once said that 'Once you like a boy, you're friends can never ever consider him' (I think Taylor Swift said this), but I can't agee. It's no fair to let people suffer: If two people like each other and nothing has been done between your friend and him, It should be fine. But you don't want to hurt your friend. Sometimes there are just no painfree solutions.

Other times some things leave marks no matter how hard you try to fix them. Let's take my lovely shirt for example. I got oil paints on it and they never washed out. Not when I searched so hard to find the solution, but I hide the stain with a pin. Sometimes we make a mistake and leave a mark we just can't fix completely.

And then there are times when you pay for someone else's mistake. This morning was a perfect example. During the days I take an art class ALL day, students are allowed to order food for our mid morning break. I ordered a drink and a breakfast item. Later on, I got my drink but when I asked if I could have the food I paid for, the girl said she didn't have one. It turned out to be a mistake and another person didn't get their food either. I didn't get my money back. Sometimes we pay for the fault of others.

Valuable lessons from such seemingly simple things.


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