Cheers to bottles of water, to glasses of pink milk and cans of Coke-A-Cola. The three things teenagers live off of. Mostly, if you don't count the chips and Mars bars. Not really good for us, other than the water (until we add sweeteners), but we do it anyway. Since the day your born, they tell you eat healthy or you'll be obese. However, most of us aren't convinced or at least not in my group of friends. I'm actually more of a healthy person than what I say, but I have my major downfalls. People have to expect that kids don't want to eat healthy all the time: as long as none of us are pre-diabetic and a healthy size, you have to let the kids be kids which means making our own choices and having our bit of fun. Just saying, mostly since the nutrition education the school gives us is just unchanging, unpractical and makes it look like you'll live off only a small amount of food: I actually compared it to a World War II ration book and it was nearly the same. Really though, don't they remember being teenagers too?


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