I've had a wonderful day! Really! I took a few exams which I know I did very well on, during swim class in school we got to play water games  or dive, this boy I like and I got to talk alone (or rather at a table alone in a crowded room), and I got to see a film I've wanted to see for a very long time with a good friend of mine! The down side is that I'm now very sore, tired, and still have to take my dose of Methotrexate, of which I enclosed a picture of. On the right is the amount of pills I need, on the top left is a capsule that contains them all (Which is very gross and plastic like). The pill on the bottom is a nasuea pill: It does not calm your stomach but rather calms your brain so you do not mentally make yourself sick. Writing this and looking at the picture is actually making me quite queasy: I suppose I'll leave this here then.


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