Low and High

I don't often feel I'm on the same 'level'  as most of the kids I talk to. I'm not better than them by any mean. It's that many do not read newspapers or watch the news. They never heard of most of the things I want to talk about: Politics, current events, court trials, new discoveries. One of my friends seems to want to try and impress me and mentions a topic. The moment I engage and ask him what he knows of it, I find he knows so little of it and I think it was just to impress me. My friend who is a couple years older than me is no better and doesn't know all too much about the world.
There has only been one person I have met who 'gets' it. He has a realistic idea of government, not that it's all some conspirecy, but he knows of real politicans. He knows our economic stand point. It's amazing: The brief conversation we had on politics a few days ago very much recharged me. I'm thankful everyday that there are kids who like this stuff as much as I do: It makes me feel very normal, thus very happy.


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