Kids in the Body of the Elderly

This past month I've been going to non-stop parties and functions. Not out of wanting to go really, but of having to attend out of politeness, necessity or because I'm being dragged by my parents. I'm so exhausted and sore: These old bones can't take much more. I really can't handle going out. They aren't even over the top parties: We have supper, talk a little and maybe have coffee and dessert. Even a trip to the cinema after class took a lot out of me. Maybe it was the trip to the cinema (which is not often due to the fact it is several towns over), or maybe it was a long day of school and an hour of swimming. The point is, even going out often and doing practically nothing is tiring. Though I know I could be way worse, it is very true when they say kids with arthritis are kids in the bodies of the elderly. Even then, I've seen many elderly people who are healthier and stronger.


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