Keeping Up Appearances

Though the title of this post is a reference to a programme I love dearly, this post is nothing to do with it. But it is television related.
I was watching television and I saw a commercial about a programme all about people's bodies and their problems. Not diseases but about their 'embarrassing bodies.' Why must we publize people's unfavourite features? Why can't we focus on the wonderful things about them? Let's not focus on this person's scars but rather on their beautiful eyes. But that's not how the world works, nor is it how television works.
I know, I know. There are much bigger differences. People get plastic surgeries on that programme for reasons which have bothered them for a long time and it's not because they want a larger bust or something. Real people who are tired of severe acne scars or odd colouring of the skin or anything else. This can be a great thing to show people actually! Saying 'I'm taking charge of my body!' It's great when you can repair your body so you'll be proud of it once again.
You see, I went through both sides of the story. I actually like medical documentaries and seeing differences between people. I don't actually think the programme is a bad thing. But I don't like the name. Perhaps something more caring or encouraging. I personally would go on a show called 'Living Past Arthritis' than 'My Dumb Body: Kids With Bodies of 80 Year Olds.'


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