5 Things Arthritis Hates

Arthur's personal list of the things he hates. This tends to double for Elizabeth, who has to put up with    Arthur when he's upset.

1. The cold. Whenever it's cold, Arthur refuses to move. Which means stiffness and pain for Elizabeth.

2. High heeled shoes. Maybe they're okay for some people, but Arthur does not enjoy nice shoes. Instead, he makes Elizabeth miserable until they're off.

3. Driving. Arthur prefers to be a passenger, otherwise he becomes very painful.

4. Running. Arthur hates the impact, Elizabeth hates that her limp is a million times worse when she runs.

5. Long days. Even if there is relaxation time, Arthur can't handle long days well and he becomes very painful. But he's going to have to learn to deal with it: Elizabeth's a very busy person.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. He hates lots of things and tries to keep Elizabeth from a lot of things. But she doesn't let him: the only thing that holds Elizabeth down is gravity.


  1. Haha, my Arthur doesn't like those things, either. Especially the heels!

    Here are 5 other things.

    1. Hand writing.
    2. Buttons and zippers.
    3. Walking.
    4. Coffee.
    5. Stress.

    1. My Arthur hates all that too, except the coffee: we're big coffee fans haha. And, of course, don't forget 6. Opening bottles and cans!

  2. Lol, good stuff. My arthur hates me, hates shopping, cute shoes, working out, walking normal, late nights, double shifts, video games, hot dogs, my sofa, my old toyota and stress. However, arthur likes hot baths, naps, heat, auto start in my car, heated seats, dogs that keep my legs warm, enbrel, salon pas, early bed times, sneakers. I would like to add that it has made me a better, more empathetic nurse. It has made me slow down and smell the roses in life. I have to find a bright spot to keep myself from feelings of anger.

    1. Arthur and I love all those things too!
      While having arthritis really stinks, it does show you the world from a very new perspective. I really like it when nurses, technicians and doctors are empathetic because not only do they 'get' it, but it also makes treatments, procedures and tests much easier.
      I'm a really artistic person, so when I do get really angry, I found that doing drawings, looking at famous art and listening to or making music helps me stay positive and calm.


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