Abstract Arthritis

I am a huge fan of art. I love almost all of it, whether it is fine art, abstract expressionism, minimalists and so on. People think it's odd when I say I like abstract art, then again they think it's odd when a young person claims that they have arthritis.

But I do love abstract art. I feel like I can relate to it well: people over look it and call it 'another painting.' Since they can't 'see anything' they expect there is nothing there worthwhile, or if they do see something, it's a 'problem.' 

From the time I was young, I felt like a walking abstract painting: no doctor who just glanced at me could figure out what was there, and when someone did look long enough to find arthritis, it still took longer to find out what kind (I was at rheumatoid arthritis and fibromylgia for at least a year). To this day, it's still a lot of guessing: guessing which medicine might work and what will happen next. And since people can't see my arthritis or the severity of it, I still feel like a painting that no one will think deeply enough about to find what is wrong. Arthritis is in no way a fine art.

Art is not just beauty. Art is a lifestyle.


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