Arthritis Normal

Recently I saw a video of two teens trying to crack as many joints as possible. It would've been impressive if they could do it without trying like I can.

I've had arthritis, along with some deformities, from a very young age. Thus, I never really got used to "normal." But a lot of people have their world turned upside down when they begin feeling the symptoms of a chronic illness, and even more when it's diagnosed and treated. It's then when we want things to just go back to the way things were before. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to happen. What does happen though, is that we create a new normal.

When we create routine, we become comfortable with it. So while at month one, giving yourself a Methotrexate or Enbrel injection once or twice a week is uncomfortable, scary and upsetting, in a few months it might not be so bad. Pills, while always annoying, might become part of morning and night habits (not addiction, just routine). You know, I can make my knees point backwards with how deformed my legs are and that's natural to me! Everyone else freaks out, and I still can't figure out why! I've lived like that for almost all my life and I can't help having knock knees, it's a part of me (quite literally).

New normals. Maybe not as easy everyone else's 'normal,' but you're own none the less.

On a side note, I am completely off the radar tomorrow so if you comment or send me a message tomorrow, please allow extra time for a reply.


  1. This post really puts things in perspective, especially as my normal is changing so much right now.


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