Arthritis Insecurity

Girls are insecure by nature. Boys are too, but I think boys are better at hiding it sometimes. I think the lyric "All girls feel too big sometimes, regardless of their size" ('I Like Giants,' Kimya Dawson) sums it up beautifully.It's common knowledge that people are afraid people will judge them badly over their looks or something, and it's common knowledge that people get jealous when someone else has something they don't. But something that doesn't seem to be common knowledge is that desiring another's features is completely different from being insecure over your's.

Dear World, I'd like go clarify that just because a person is insecurity, it does not mean they don't love themselves and desire different traits. And even if a person desires blue eyes rather than brown, it does not mean they are insecure over their brown eyes. Insecurity is just that you are not confident and/or are afraid of how another will judge you. It does not mean you are jealous. For example, I am jealous of how other people walk because I have a limp. I am insecure in public over my wavy hair because many girls have straight hair, but I still love my hair the way it is. I am not confident in its appearance and I have fears that people think it looks stupid, but I do like it that way.

Arthritis is an insecurity and jealousy disease. You can be jealous that one person can do something that you can't, or that a medicine worked for them but not you. You can be insecure about the appearance of your joints or in you limp, and absolutely hate them. You can also be insecure over having to use a mobility aid, but that doesn't stop you from using it anyway.

I think the point of this is to show that we need to begin seeing the world in more ways than one. And also that we need to stop using the word 'insecure' in place of other adjectives.


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