Arthritis Dance

I can dance. And I make sure can my friends dance, because if they don't dance then their no friends of mine.

Just kidding. Arthur hates to dance, and he makes sure I can't either. You see, whenever I dance I look like a robot having a seizure. I have an awesome sense of rhythm too! It's just that my body doesn't know that.

Arthur especially hates when I slow dance: He makes sure my joints crack, creak, and pop at a volume that most people -even teenage boys- find moderately horrifying.

But he hates dancing in general. He makes sure my muscles get really tight so it's harder to sway and enjoy the beat. On top of that, he gives me tons of pain and fatigue.

When I was about three, I took a month of dance lessons. Obviously, my early introduction to the art of dance did not make me any better since I still dance at the level of a three year old.


  1. "A robot having a seizure." Oh my gosh, this is SO me when I dance! lol. You're not alone, Elizabeth :)

    I also have "popcorn" joints, and people are like, "Did something just break?"

    "No, it was just my knee."

    *awkward silence*

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone! I think people with arthritis should get together so we can all dance and be robots having seizures together. :)

      That happens to me all the time! Sometimes when they ask me if I broke something, I'll put on a painful face and nod. Their reaction is priceless.

  2. Story of my life as well. Going to attempt to work on it before senior prom, but my body probably will not be happy with me.

    1. Well, it can't hurt. :)

      Joking aside, having a great time is all that matters!


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