I'm a Bad Patient

I'm a very bad patient. I take all my medicines on time (most of the time). I go to my appointments. I eat rather healthy and keep my weight healthy.

But I don't do physical therapy.

Even though the doctor wants me to so much.

I've had a long history of physical therapy. Years and years of it. It never really showed any results. I've found that working out on my own has been the most effective for me personally: swimming, walking and biking has been the best for me. At physical therapy, I was stretched out and did a lot of exercises that stretched and world muscles I didn't know I have. But, mostly it did not help because they were not muscles that I needed in everyday life. By working out by myself, I'm able to strengthen muscles I use and need. For example, stairs are a problem and by working on machines that mimic stairs (with less strain that normal stairs), I'm beginning to find I'm slowly having an easier time.

For some, Physical therapy is wonderful. For others, sometimes alternatives are best.


  1. I went to PT for nearly a year (mostly just the exercise, although I did do the TENS unit and hydrotherapy for a few weeks). It helped my hands a LOT, it was honestly a bit of a miracle. I went from not being able to open doors or sign my name to regaining 70% of the use of my hands. However, for the rest of my body, the benefits weren't worth the pain, in my opinion. I'm considering going back though, because I had like a three month flare (!!!) and I fell wayyyy behind on my exercise and now I'm really rusty.

    Oh, and stairs = evilness.

    1. That's great that it helped with your hands!
      In that case, physical therapy may be worth it: It helped me a lot with rebuilding muscle after a month and a half long flare.


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