Cold hurts. I'm not going to lie. The cold wind hurts. The cold sheets hurt. The cold shoulder hurts. This simply brings up three  points of arthritis:
-The weather bothers me terribly. I live in an area where I get all four seasons brutally. Right now it's winter and is very, very cold althugh it will get much colder soon. The weather changes (pressure and temperature) are very bothersome and I've taken to wearing gloves and boots indoors. In fact at the begining of summer (and continuesly during the warm weather) I lie out in the sun in jeans, a tee shirt and bare foot. I once told my mum "it feels like the coldness is melthing from my bones." She almost cried.
-The cold sheets just refers to the fact I don't take well to any sort of cold well. Cold packs are terrible anyway but if I could throw my clothes and shoes into the oven before I put them on, I would. I even learned how to get dressed while under my warm covers in the morning. The cold is painful and makes me stiff.
-The cold shoulder is just me being a drama queen. There are lots of times I could use a friend when I'm in pain and my friends don't understand. Sometimes I tell them what's going on, but they act as if it were nothing. Maybe they're just pretending to make it as if nothing is there or wrong. I don't think they understand I need my friends to at least show a little concern: I need their support.


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