People often say that the word is too over used. I know that they are targetting young kids who are infraunted with their 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend.' But, honestly speaking, how can the word love ever be used too much? Sure: Love is a word that describes a very strong emotion but it also speaks of affection for one another.
If you could not love anyone other than your baby, your mother, all animals and your partner of ten years I think the world would be a very lonely place. I admit, I'm not one to show all that much emotion however I do have much love towards others. I love my family. I love my friends. I love babies. I love making people laugh and seeing them smile. I even love my homeroom. Do I love everyone in the class? No. But I love our routine and the diversity, and I especially love hearing the remarks the boys whisper  while others are talking in class.
Naturally as humans we can not love everyone, but we can all show respect and compassion towards one another. And eventually that can become love. What's better than showing others you care?


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